INVESTMENT - Putting Your Wealth To Work
We begin with a sound plan and then we decide the approach you want to take towards investing your wealth, according to your level of risk aversion. You can use our advice and services to choose a financial institution with which to work, or choose a specific institution of your own choosing. There are therefore three broad approaches to implementing a financial plan.

Managed mandates: These can be classic mandates with suggested investing according to specific investment grids or special mandates with a tailored or themed approach. Your plan will be implemented by analysis from First American, with suggested approaches to achieving your objectives. This choice demands the least involvement from you.

Advisory mandates: These mandates are designed for people who want total active involvement in the management of their wealth. Advisory mandates will enable you to take responsibility for implementing your plan, in partnership with our suggested professionals. You will decide on your investments and you will be able to draw on the First American ideas and suggestions for your portfolio. You will have access to our financial research on asset classes and may count on our full support in assessing whether they are likely to meet your objectives.

Execution only: This mandate meets the needs of totally independent decision makers. You make all the investment decisions for your portfolio, without active advice. As an execution only client, you will have access to our investment recommendations, market analysis reports as well as economic and business briefing papers. This will require you to be intimately involved with your investments on a day-to-day basis and prepared to take decisions at any time to react to changing market circumstances.


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