RELATIONSHIP - Putting Your Wealth To Work

We recognize that your wealth management needs may evolve and become more complex with size. We can provide you with a more comprehensive service to make life simpler. Having participated in drawing up your strategy, we can ensure that all your arrangements are properly coordinated to achieve your aims.

Extending Your Relationship With Us

The following services have been designed to ensure that we will have the answer to your needs when there are any changes in your financial circumstances.

Family Office Families of exceptional wealth are turning to family offices, realizing that they need a comprehensive and integrated service to manage all forms of capital. First American’s Family Office has been specially designed to select, coordinate and oversee all the services needed by such families.
We are particularly experienced in handling questions arising from the growth of a family business, whether ensuring its continuing prosperity, preparing for succession or managing the proceeds of its sale.

Global Custody Private investors with accounts at banks in different countries need to gather together and monitor the financial information those banks provide.  First American’s global custody service can handle this for you, ensuring that your assets worldwide are kept safely and administered efficiently, while leaving you free to choose managers for those assets.
We have created a global network of sub-custodians, selected for their uniformly high quality and monitored to ensure that their levels of service match ours. You will receive standardized reports on the performance of each asset manager, allowing you to make reliable comparisons across your entire portfolio.


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