SECURITY - Ingredients For A Peaceful Mind

Our suitably risk-averse business model focuses on protecting and increasing your wealth. First American is a well capitalized investment firm that ensures discretion and has a proven track record in looking after its clients' assets.

First American has many advantages that will ensure your assets are in secure hands.

Safe Custody Of Your Wealth:
First American can point to a record of safeguarding client interests in complete security and confidentiality. If First American should use sub-custodians to hold assets in particular countries, these sub-custodians will be rigorously scrutinized, carefully selected and monitored daily.

Confidentiality: First American has a long-standing culture of discretion in handling the affairs of clients. This is fundamental for establishing the trust that lies at the heart of a successful advisory partnership.

Long-Term Approach: First American is a private investment firm with no outside shareholders. The company therefore remains free from pressure to pursue short-term growth merely to satisfy the public market. It has the independence to focus on organic growth rather than seeking expansion through mergers and acquisitions.

Robust Risk Management: Our advisers will recommend a financial product only if it fits your specific investment goal, and they will make explicit to you the real risks involved in investing in such a product.

No Conflicts Of Interest: The sole focus of First American is to advise clients in a transparent manner. First American is structured in such a way as to align the interests of clients with those of the officers and directors who run the firm. An investment advisory company operated by officers and directors who accept unlimited personal responsibility for its commitments is probably the most secure way to ensure that decisions are taken in your best interest.


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