STRUCTURE - The Best Framework For Your Wealth

We, as your investment advisors, will advise you on the best way to hold your investments, which may be as important in achieving your wealth objectives as the portfolio itself. Here are some of the opportunities available to ensure your assets are held as effectively as possible.

Holding Your Wealth

Legal structures Different ways of owning your assets, which include companies, trusts and foundations, can make it easier to manage your wealth. We will advise you on the legal structures that will hold your wealth safely, optimize your tax exposure and enhance the long-term integrity of your assets.

Trust or foundation Establishing a trust or foundation as the beneficial owner of your assets is a common way to ensure continuity over several generations. We will introduce you to trust companies that can act as trustees and guarantee that your wishes are complied with.

Life insurance Life insurance can be an effective way to provide for your future needs as well as protecting your wealth in the short term. With a well-designed policy, you can provide for your own pension, and also pass your wealth on to succeeding generations.

Tax advice, accounting and reporting Decisions you make on investments, estate planning, retiring from work
or selling a stake in your business all have tax implications. Our experienced tax advisers are there to assist you, and to keep you compliant with tax legislation wherever you are based.


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